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A simple guide to British seasonality

It’s worth mentioning that thanks to the wonders of technology, you can buy most produce at just about any time of the year. However, if you regularly work with fresh fruit and vegetables then you’ll know all too well when you’re using something at its best.

Why? It’ll be fresher, bursting with ripeness and extra flavour – what’s more it should be better value, too.

So, take a tour of the year with our handy seasonality guide, to tell you at a glance what should be at its very best of British with each passing month, helping you plan your menus and add a genuine flavour factor to your dishes.

For a more in-depth guide, our regular Market Reports will advise you of seasonal weather conditions and the industry issues affecting market availability and price.

Spring (March – May)

Unsurprisingly, Spring Greens should be plentiful from March, livening up roast lamb dishes and spring salads, along with Spinach, Celery and Radishes.  With its creamy texture, Cauliflower in April is the perfect partner for a creamy cheese sauce, while Asparagus in May is deliciously light.

Fruit-wise, Rhubarb ripens in May…possibly your last chance for a hearty crumble before the sun shines.

Summer (June – August)

British fruit really starts coming into its own in the summer time. June is perfect for that famous Wimbledon mainstay of Strawberries, with July providing mouthwatering Cherries and August sweet Raspberries and Plums. Antioxidant-packed Blackcurrants and Blueberries are bursting with flavour throughout July and August, with Gooseberries flourishing throughout the entire summer.

Aubergines and Broad Beans come into their own from June, right through to autumn, while French Beans, Cucumber, Spring Onions and Lettuce are all at their best in July to add some summery lightness. Onions, Peas and New Potatoes make a great base for light soups and salads.

Autumn (September – November)

Halloween is perfect for Pumpkins, carving or eating – at their best right through to winter. September and October are usually also the very best months for ripe, juicy Sweetcorn, Runner Beans and Courgettes, and root vegetables will be perfect for hearty soups and casseroles in October and November.

Give November some colour with some ripe Red Cabbage, while on the fruit side, Blackberries and Apples make the perfect crumble and Grapes should be at their most flavorsome.

Winter (December – February)

The perfect time for hearty stews, with Leeks, Onions, Potatoes and Swede all adding a warming kick. It’s probably no surprise that the favourite Christmas dinner staple, the Brussels Sprout, is at its best around December time, along with Parsnips, Broccoli and White Cabbage.

January is a fantastic time for Carrots and Kale to begin that New Year detox plan, with February bringing a bounty of Savoy Cabbage – delicious shredded and fried with a generous helping of pancetta.

British fruit isn’t abundant during winter, though Apples and Pears ripening throughout the colder months should help with any sweet cravings.

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