24hr Order Line: 01268 417700 | Office Number: 01268 414811 hello@chefschoiceltd.co.uk
How do I place an order?

Simply call our order line on 01268 417700.  Choose your ideal time too –  our order line operates 24 hours a day.

Please refer to the ‘Place an Order’ section on the Our Service page for more details.

I need help placing my order – who can I speak to?

You’ll also find our Directors Peter and Kirsty are very approachable if there’s anything you need to know – both are easily contactable if there’s anything specific you’d like assistance with.

Please refer to the ‘Ongoing Customer Service & Support’ section on the Our Service page for their contact details.

What exact produce do you supply?

With Chef’s Choice, you’ll find that “choice” is the operative word. We supply a wide range of fresh produce including fruit, berries, exotic fruit, vegetables, salads, baby salad leaves, micro leaves, herbs, mushrooms, frozen produce, prepared produce, dairy produce, cheese, eggs and a range of miscellaneous ingredients and cooking essentials.

You can view and download our product lists on the Our Produce page.

Why are there no prices on the Product Lists?

Please note that prices are subject to change on an almost daily basis – this fluctuation is due to seasonality, and the fact that unfortunately, nobody can predict market conditions such as availability of certain produce, economic factors and the weather.

We’re always happy to be contacted if you’d like a pricing update, simply e-mail us or call 01268 414811.

I need help planning my menus – how will I know what’s in season?

Our monthly Seasonality Guides and Market Reports will help you understand what’s usually in season, together with any market conditions that affect price and availability.

We’ll try to make alternative suggestions for you to order during adverse market conditions, and are always very happy to be contacted with any additional queries.

When will I receive my order?

Orders can be placed up to 11pm for next day delivery.

Our produce is freshly sourced at night from New Spitalfields Market, so that we can deliver market fresh produce to you early the next morning, six days a week, Monday to Saturday.  There are no deliveries on Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Generally, our drivers finish their rounds by 11am.

Please refer to the ‘Place an Order’ and ‘Your Delivery’ sections on the Our Service page for more details.

What payment terms do you offer?

We’re happy and able to be flexible regarding payment terms, and would ask that you discuss your requirements with us prior to setting up your account.

Please refer to the ‘Account Set Up’, ‘Statements’ and ‘Payments’ sections on the Our Service page for more details.

What quality standards can I expect?

We take care and quality of our produce extremely seriously.  Our food safety management system is based on the recognised principles of HACCP, and we’ve received the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene from the Department of Environmental Health.

Our staff are regularly trained and certificated in food hygiene and health and safety, to ensure our high standards are consistently met.

Please refer to the ‘Food Safety & Hygiene’ and ‘Ongoing Customer Service & Support’ sections on the About Us page for more details.

Let's Meet

To review and innovate your menu, for advice on what’s in season, or if you're simply curious about how we compare to your current supplier.

We welcome visitors to our warehouse - or if it's easier, we'll come to you.

Call us on 01268 414811 or send an email to hello@chefschoiceltd.co.uk to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Connect with us for regular updates on product availability and special offers.

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